Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Ways of Speaking

Last night on A Mixed Bag with Chris B, our theme was "Ways of Speaking".

We talked about different ways of communicating - through words, with our hands or via Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCAS).  We also talked about expression through art, music and dance.

Click on the link below to find out more about a wonderful art exhibition coming up in Bega.  It is called "Ways of Speaking" and it will highlight exhibitor's from Tulgeen's Art in the Garage program.   The exhibit opens on Friday August 4 @ 5 pm at Spiral Gallery, Church Street Bega.
Miriam Kydd will be one of the artists presenting her work.

Some of the bold and the beautiful artworks by Miriam Kydd.................................

Tulgeen's Art in the Garage employs local practicing artists who work with emerging artists with disability.  The project philosophy focuses on encouraging the development of arts skills, and nurturing individual creativity through sensitive mentorship.


I spoke with Jenny McKenzie, an artist and mentor to Miriam Kydd, as they worked away in the Art in the Garage studio space in  Bega.

Please click on the link below to hear our chat.

Interview with Jenny McKenzie and Miriam Kydd about the Ways of Speaking exhibition

Jenny McKenzie and Miriam Kydd have become great friends. More than mentor and student.

Songs on our playlist tonight included: - "Every Picture Tells a Story (Don't it) from Rod Stewart and the Faces, Stevie Nick's "Talk to Me", "Lead the Way" by I'm Talking, a few songs by Talking Heads (Burning Down the House, Take me to the River - our old 45" scratchy old record! and The Lady Don't Mind), Rick Springfield's "Speak to the Sky", Roxette's "Speak to Me", Walk the Moon's "Shut up and Dance with me", "Hands" by Jewel, "Sign Language" by Eric Clapton,  Aly & AJ's "Speak for Myself", Sinead O'Connor's "Thank you for hearing me" and Harry Nilsson's "Everybody's Talkin'.

Mitchell Porteous is another exhibitor who will be taking part in the Ways of Speaking exhibition on Friday 4th August.

Please click on the link below to hear Mitchell's thoughts on being an artist.

Interview with Mitchell Porteous about Art in the Garage

Mitchell Porteous

Jeffery Young, another artist who will be exhibiting his work for the "Ways of Speaking" exhibition.

Wayne Ramus who specialises in painting Ned Kelly
Graeme Smith 
 Cornelius Moon

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  1. I really really loved your post. It is really very cute and the drawings are so adorable and cute. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Lovely!