Wednesday, 16 July 2014

NIck Cave theme

Last night on "A Mixed Bag with Chris B", our theme was Nick Cave, an Australian icon, a prolific lyricist, a screen writer, an author, and lead singer of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  Nick Cave appears to be a family man who leads a "normal" life, happily involved in the lives of his wife and children (twin boys to Susie Bick) a son to Viviane Carneiro, another son to Beau Lazenby.  On the other side of the coin, Nick Cave has created an imaginary world through his writings, a world that is dark, has dark characters, many biblical references and themes of loyalty, betrayal, justice, revenge, and even love.

The playlist for this evening included:-
  • Shivers (Boys Next Door)
  • After a fashion (Boys Next Door)
  • Suzanne (Leonard Cohen song from the film: Leonard Cohen: I'm your man
  • All the pretty little horses
  • Somethings gotten hold of my heart
  • Henry Lee (with P. J Harvey
  • Long black veil
  • The Mercy Seat (Johnny Cash version)
  • Grinder Man Blues (Memphis Slim)
  • I don't want you to set me free
  • Into my arms
  • The Wild Rose
  • Song of Joy
  • Red right hand
  • Red right hand (Frank Bennett version)
  • West Country Girl
  • The weeping song
  • The ship song (various artists)
  • Let it be (from the movie soundtrack "I am Sam"
  • Do you love me?

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