Friday, 11 January 2013

Corey Legge

If you read 2 posts back on this blog, you will see I wasn't able to upload my interview with Corey Legge (from Corey Legge and the Swamp Stompers) due to some technical issues.  I had to revert to an old fashioned tape recorder, which was fine until the actual cassette became jammed in the player!!
A good friend of mine was able to rescue the cassette, and I'm now able to upload the interview.

Here's a link to my chat with Corey Legge, live in the Edge FM studio on Wednesday 2 January 2013.

Some of the gigs Corey speaks of in the interview have been and gone, but keep an eye on the Swamp Stomper's Facebook page to keep track of what's coming up for this great band.

And, to check out their music, have a look 2 posts back on this blog for the links and photos.

Hope you're managing to stay cool if you live in the Bega Valley.

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