Monday, 7 January 2013

Last Wednesday night, 2nd January, 2013, local Bega Valley musician Corey Legge joined us in the Edge FM studio for a chat.  It was great to find out what he's been up to musically over the last 12 months.  He's been studying hard at Southern Cross University in Lismore, and making music his main priority in life.  At only 20 years old, he's climbing the first steps of the "long way to the top (if you wanna rock 'n' roll)."

Corey has been busy with his new band Corey Legge and the Swamp Stompers, (made up of Corey Legge on electric guitar, lapsteel, lead vocals and bass; and Mitch Broadhead on drums, percussion and backing vocals). Below is a photo of Corey and Mitch playing their dirty slide guitar and heavy grooves live at the Dromedary Hotel in Central Tilba recently.

We heard some fantastic tracks from the EP on a Mixed Bag with Chris B.  The album title is simply, "The EP".  Corey wasn't feeling great on Wednesday night, so wasn't able to play live, but it was cool that he made the effort to join us in the studio for a chat.

Here's a link to some of the tunes from the album (all original songs).  There's also a link to Corey Legge & the Swamp Stompers, playing at the National Campus Band Competition SCU Final at the Lismore Uni Bar in September 2012.

I had a little bit of trouble with technology last week, and ended up recording our chat on a cassette tape recorder (remember those?).  I can usually upload my recordings from cassette onto my computer, but at the moment the cassette itself is stuck inside the machine!  If I can work out how to get it out, I will upload my chat with Corey to the blog.  Hopefully, I will have my usual more modern methods of recording working again next week!

In the meantime, enjoy some of Corey's fabulous music, and you can go into the Triple J Unearthed link below, and rate and review the songs to help this band get airplay.

Next Wednesday night on A Mixed Bag with Chris B on 93.7 Edge FM in the Bega Valley, our theme will be "Family/Families".  So, if you live in the Bega Valley, tune in between 8.00pm and 9.30pm next Wednesday night.

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