Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The drug known as "Ice"

Tonight on A Mixed Bag with Chris B on 93.7 Edge FM, your community radio station in the Bega Valley, we are going to explore the topic of the methamphetamine commonly known as "ice" and find out what this drug is and the effect it has on users, both short-term and long-term.

We will hear songs with the word ice in the title (or ice cream, or icicle), hear some music from Icehouse, and maybe even a few songs from Bjork (because she is from Iceland!)

On a more serious note, we will also be hearing an interview with Jack Nagle from Victoria, who, at a very young age, became addicted to the drug "ice".  Jack is now the Centre Manager at the DayHab Addiction Treatment Centre in Melbourne, helping people with their recovery from addiction.

A Mixed Bag with Chris B goes to air every Tuesday evening between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm on 93.7 Edge FM, so if you live in the Bega Valley, tune in.

Usually I don't upload interviews until after the show goes to air, but I'm making an exception today because Jack Nagle is so open about his past experience as an ice user, and with the ice epidemic growing, especially in regional and rural areas, I think it's important to hear Jack's message.

To listen to my interview with Jack Nagle, click on the link below:-

Interview with Jack Nagle from DayHab in Victoria

Since I wrote the start of this blog, this week's episode of A Mixed Bag with Chris B has gone to air and the playlist was as follows:-

  • Cold as Ice - Foreigner
  • Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
  • Ice Cream Man - Jonathon Richman and the Modern Lovers
  • Fire and Ice - Pat Benetar
  • Black Ice - ACDC
  • Meth - Mick Taylor
  • Since Tina moved in - James Collins
  • The Thin Ice - Pink Floyd (from The Wall)
  • I'm your Pusher - Ice T
  • Ice - Sarah Mclachlan
  • Ice Cream - Sarah Mclachlan
  • Under the Ice - Morcheeba
  • Miss Divine - Icehouse
  • Sex Kills - Joni Mitchell (because there's a lyric about a number plate - just ice)
  • Ice Cream - The Dutch College Band
There were other song I wanted to include like The Icicle Melts by the Cranberries and a song by Bjork (because she is from Iceland), and a few others about Ice Cream, but we simply ran out of time tonight!
Next week our theme will be The Rolling Stones verses the Beatles, so if you live in the Bega Valley tune into 93.7 Edge FM next Tuesday evening between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm.

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